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Thassos marble imported from Greece, signature Balmoral leather from the Scottish Highlands and Red Oak from native North America encapsulates an exquisite quality of craftsmanship

For more than 100 years, Aston Martin has defined timeless elegance and British handcrafted luxury within the automotive world. Aston Martin is translating its precision engineering and design innovation for the company’s first ever foray into luxury residential development. Aston Martin Residences in Miami is anticipated to become one of the country’s most sought-after addresses upon its completion in 2022, with a prestigious exclusivity and one-of-a-kind edifice that represents the pinnacle of elegant living, while setting a global benchmark in luxury residential design. For its vision of the 66-story tower located on the Miami River at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in downtown Miami, Aston Martin has partnered with global property developer, G&G Business Developments, founded by CEO, German Coto, whose creative ethos is “Love for beauty and passion for excellence.” Designed by Revuelta Architecture and Bodas Miani Anger Architects, with interiors inspired by Aston Martin, the tallest residential development south of New York will encompass the beauty of Miami’s tropical environment.

Aston Martin Residences in Miami Tower Exterior
Aston Martin Residences Exterior Tower
Upper Tower at Aston Martin Residences Miami with Pool Deck
Upper Tower at Aston Martin Residences

At the core of Aston Martin’s heritage and evolution is a guiding principal that adheres to the utmost honesty in authenticity of materials that are used in the fundamental design process—from inception to final presentation. The interior design elements at Aston Martin Residences bring the greatest sense of integrity and refinement to the development with a graceful aura that residents will experience in every detail. The vision for this exceptional interior craftsmanship has brought three of nature’s finest materials to Miami, that will be woven into the luxury fabric of the Aston Martin lifestyle. From the shores of ancient Greece, white Thassos marble is imported to bring an aesthetic brilliance of light and radiance to the floors of every residence; Aston Martin’s signature leather, originating from the Scottish Highlands, will accentuate specific touchpoints for the condominiums and common areas, and natural Red Oak from the woodlands of North America and Canada will be available for wall and home furnishings at the resident’s discretion.

Miami Aston Martin Residences Miami Lobby
Aston Martin Residences Lobby

“Our design language is based on beauty and the honesty and authenticity of materials,” says Marek Reichman, EVP and Chief Creative Officer at Aston Martin. “It’s simple and pure and it has an elegance attached to beautiful proportions. We are incorporating Aston Martin’s DNA through subtle details and fine craftsmanship, with an emphasis on comfort. This building is for people who appreciate the finest quality and craftsmanship, who love the feeling of something that is timeless.”

Miami Aston Martin Residences Sky Lobby Stairs
Aston Martin Residences Sky Lobby Stairs

From the Emerald Island and the jewel of the North Aegean Sea to the turquoise Miami River, the finest Thassos marble will journey from Greece across the Atlantic Ocean to its new home at Aston Martin Residences in Miami—one of the country’s rare properties that offers finished floors with such a uniquely superior quality. Marble is derived from the Greek word Marmaros, meaning ‘shining stone,’ and Grecian marble is considered to be of a world-class calibre with unquestionable historical value. Throughout history, iconic sculptures, statues and architectural masterpieces have been carved from variations of this beautiful metamorphic rock. The celebrated Winged Victory of Samothrace sculpture from the second century B.C. is one example, and recently, Thassos marble has been used to restore the Parthenon Temple in Athens. Marble has become an icon of culture, tradition and refined taste. In folklore, it is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini and viewed as a symbol of purity and immortality. Revered for its crystal white hue that reflects the sun’s rays, this brilliant-white stone from Thassos is one of the most beautiful and precious in the world. The feeling of well-being and tranquillity that it conveys calms visitors to any space it inhabits.

Miami Aston Martin Residences in Miami Upper West Lobby
Aston Martin Residences Upper West Lobby

Aston Martin Residences has a refined and elegant design aesthetic, so the world’s finest marble with unbeatable clarity, beauty and durability has been specified for the floors of the residences and penthouses. Approximately 1,400,000 square feet of Thassos marble has been hand-selected for its characteristics that perfectly compliment the clean proportions of Aston Martin Residences. When residents walk through the impressive entrance door into the lobby, they will be welcomed by a serene haven and a bright, airy aesthetic. As each homeowner steps into their own apartment or penthouse, the feeling of timeless elegance will endure with smooth and luxurious Thassos marble floors throughout each room.

Miami Aston Martin Residences Condo Interior
Aston Martin Residences Condo Interior

“For the floors of the condos and penthouses, we chose the finest snow-white Thassos marble from Greece,“ says German Coto, CEO of G&G Business Developments. “Known for its beauty and durability, I enjoy the sense of calmness it brings to any room. We hand-selected 1,400,000 square feet of marble of extraordinary purity from Thassos because its characteristics fit perfectly with the Aston Martin Residences. It’s essential for me that the visual impact, both inside and out, epitomizes contemporary design.”

Miami Aston Martin Residences Salon Interior

For more than a century, Aston Martin selects the world’s finest leather for its automotive interiors, classic accessories and home furnishings. Its signature Balmoral leather from the Scottish Highlands is a true testament to the company’s lasting commitment to the honesty and authenticity of materials used within Aston Martin Residences. Leather accents and detailed fixtures will come in the form of kestrel tan leather door tabs and bespoke artisan handles on the doors of each residence, with variations on the doorways of common areas throughout the building. Balmoral leather comes from The Highland, a Scottish breed of rustic cattle, originating in the Scottish Highlands and the Balmoral region. Known for its long horns and a long shaggy coat, the hardy breed is bred to withstand the intemperate weather conditions and repels insects from damaging its skin due to its thick hair, resulting in a pristine quality of leather. The first herd dates back to 1885, making it the oldest type of cattle in the world. Balmoral Castle has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family since it was purchased for Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1852. The Balmoral leather boot was designed for Prince Albert as a quality walking boot to wear on the grouse moors of his Scottish estate. The leather was naturally waterproof to protect his feet from the wet gorse. Queen Victoria also took a liking to the style and had several pairs made for herself, whereby women adapted the leather boots for daywear before they were eventually called Balmoral boots, a popular and classic style even today.

Signature Balmoral Leather Accents on Doorways at Aston Martin Residence
Signature Balmoral Leather Accents on Doorways

Owners will have the opportunity to work with the Aston Martin design team to customize the interiors of their home to a particular specification. Residents will have the option to install custom-built furnishings or wall fixtures made from natural Red Oak, a premium quality wood that is grown in the northernmost rural states of the U.S. Red Oak is a native of eastern and mid-west America and southeast and south-central Canada. The red oak group as a whole is more abundant today than when European settlement of North America began. Red Oak is of a premium value and used in construction as well as flooring, veneer, interior trim, finishes of houses, and for the highest quality furniture when carefully treated. Arguably the most popular hardwood in the United States, Red Oak is a ubiquitous fixture in luxury homes. Hard, strong, and moderately priced, Red Oak presents an exceptional value to woodworkers—which explains why it is so widely used in high-end cabinet and furniture making. The northern Red Oak has been a favorite of both lumbermen and landscapers since colonial times. The tree has also found favor when transplanted in Europe. It is believed that Bishop Compton's garden, near Fulham in England, received the first Red Oak transplant abroad in the late 17th century.

Custom Red Oak Interior Finishes at Aston Martin Residences
Custom Red Oak Interior Finishes
Interior of Aston Martin Residences in Miami

Every aspect of Aston Martin Residences has been measured to meet the needs of today’s modern and cosmopolitan lifestyles, which is why Aston Martin’s design team has specified the finest in authentic materials to conform to its own artful and classic heritage. Aston Martin Residences, located at 300 Biscayne Boulevard Way in Miami, will consist of 391 luxury residences and penthouses priced from $970,000 to upwards of $50 million. Construction is scheduled for completion in 2022.

Aston Martin Residences in Miami Terrace Pool
Aston Martin Terrace Pool

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