Naming Apps & Products
If you offer an app, website, or product that is relevant to LivinLux, you can describe how your app, website, or product relates to LivinLux. But you can't combine any part of the Brand Assets as part of your own brand, or suggest that LivinLux sponsors or endorses your app, website, or product.


You Can:

A) Name your app, website, or product something that is unique and original to you.

B) Use your own original logo or app icon that represents your brand and explain how it relates to the LivinLux brand.


You Can't:

A) Use any of LivinLux's trademarks or logos or other identifiers as part of your brand identity, which includes your app icon, logo, or product design.

LivinLux does not allow users to create or sell merchandise (apparel, shirts, towels, pants, shorts, jackets, bags, athletic apparel and the like) using its Brand Assets without a formal license to use the Brand Assets. If you would like a license, please contact us.